This is just a test, to see the form and function of a blog post.

But what do I have of merit, to say or to share?  What value can I bestow?

Too many people think they’re smart.  Even if I am smart on some level, I’m just adding to the overflow of bullshit that abounds on the web.  I mean, a blog, really?  This late in the game?  I could just as easily use instagram to flood peoples’ phones with inane images.

Or I could go over to Tumblr and start communicating in memes, regressing to an infantile state.

But, no, you have to be hard on yourself.  You have to be your toughest critic.  Then it’s all gravy, and nothing out there can really get to you, or come as a surprise.

And you’ll be better for it, never growing complacent, never turning into a complete hack.

Even if you might harbor some hack sympathies.

People who do things for money eventually allow money to dictate the things they do.  That’s capitalism for ya.

People who do things out of love will allow love to dictate what they do.  That’s obsession for ya.

Sometimes I get someone asking me to photograph them in one way or another.  Usually I say yes, because I hate saying no to people.  Inevitably I get suckered into some event photography.