Hi,  I'm Carroll!

I'm a self-taught photographer located in North Central Pennsylvania.  

Most of my work I consider to be portraiture.  I also photograph the occasional wedding.  My approach to creating images is a little unorthodox, but this leads to some interesting results. 

Most of the work on this site is black and white.  I do shoot color, but only rarely.  My style has been influenced by classical painters and eastern philosophy.  

I went to school at Temple University in Philadelphia.  Spending more time working for the university newspaper than I did going to class, I dropped out in 2010.  Passing up a job at the Daily News, I spent the next two years working on personal projects and experimenting with new techniques.  

In 2012 I moved to New York with a girlfriend.  Finding work in a camera shop near Times Square, I spent much of my time doing street photography and shooting fashion bloggers.  Some of my work from this period was shown in the Lower East Side.  

After four years in New York, I have returned to Pennsylvania.  Currently, I'm excited to work on more photo essays.  I'd also like to collaborate with other photographers on larger projects.  Future projects may include covering some musicians or more in-depth portrait series.  

Please check out the website.  In the Projects section, you'll find mostly-finished works.  The Blog portion is a little more experimental and fluid in nature.

Finally, if you like my style and want to show me some love, feel free to get in touch.